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Archives & Special Collections
About the Archives
The Sage Colleges Archives & Special Collections are located in the basement of the Shea Learning Center on the Russell Sage campus. It collects, preserves, and makes available materials that document the activities, functions, people, policies, and programs of the Colleges that have legal, administrative, or historical value. The department also collects, preserves, and houses rare books, manuscripts, photographs and other unique materials that supports selected instructional programs.  

The Archives & Special Collections contains material such as:
  1. Records of the Board of Trustees
  2. Presidential papers
  3. Photographs
  4. Ephemera and memorabilia
  5. Committee minutes
  6. Student publications
  7. Personal papers of people affiliated with the Colleges
  8. Faculty publications

All Archives collections are non-circulating and must be used in the Archives. Currently, it is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please email
Archives Collections
Official records of the Sage Colleges include the following:

2015:011: Russell Sage College History 1916 - 1976

Board of Trustees

​2015.015: Board of Trustees 1916 - 1993
2015.046: The Sage Colleges Board of Trustees 1991 - 2013


Office of the President

2015.010: Office of the President 1973 - 2000
2015.025: Honorary Degree Recipients 1929 - 2011
2015.022: Eliza Kellas 1916 - 1928
2015.023: Dr. James Laurence Meader 1928 - 1942
2015.024: Helen McKinstry 1942 - 1946
2015.028: Doris Crockett (Interim) 1946 - 1948
2015.029: Dr. Lewis A. Froman 1948 - 1969
                Dr. Charles U. Walker 1970 - 1975
2015:052: Edgar S. Pitkin (Interim) 1975
                Dr. William F. Kahl 1976 - 1988
                Dr. Sara S. Chapman 1988 - 1995
                Dr. Jeanne H. Neff 1995 - 2008
                Dr. Susan C. Scrimshaw 2009 - 

Office of the Provost

2015.052: Russell Sage College Administration 1920 - 1997
2015.003: Russell Sage College Faculty Committees 1930 - 1997
2015.004: The Sage Colleges Faculty Committees 1996 - 2007
2015.005: Russell Sage College Library 1934 - 1991
2015.006: The Sage Colleges Libraries 1973 - 2015
2015.014: Sage Junior College of Albany Faculty 1969 - 2000
2015.016: The Sage Colleges Theater 1923 - 2015
2015:017: Rusell Sage College Departments - Business & Economics 1970 - 1996
2015.026: Russell Sage College Faculty 1933 - 1999
2015.033: Sage Graduate Schools Graduate Degree Committee 1973 - 1995
2015.034: Russell Sage College Nursing Department 1922 - 2007
2015:037: Russell Sage College School of Physical Education 1919 - 1993
2015.039: Russell Sage College School of Arts and Sciences 1938 - 1972
2015.062: Opalka Gallery 2002 - 2015

Institutional Advancement

2015.030: Russell Sage College Alumnae Association

Marketing and Enrollment Management

2015.001: Russell Sage College Admissions Material 1968 - 1969
2015.031: The Sage Colleges Office of Communications 1980 - 2012
2015:049: Russell Sage College Communications 1955 - 2007
2015.051: Russell Sage College Public Relations 1947 - 2009

Student Life

2015.002: Russell Sage College Student Government Records 1920 - 1997
2015.032: Russell Sage College Rally Day 1946 - 2011
2015.045: The Sage Colleges Student Life 1992 - 2013

Please note: This is a partial list. Please contact the Archives for a complete listing. 
Carol Ann Donahue Memorial Poetry Collection
The Donahue Memorial Poetry Collection was established in 1964 to honor Russell Sage student, Carol Ann Donahue after she was tragically killed in an automobile accident. This special collection holds approximately 9,000 poetry books, and is primarily located on the second floor of the Shea Learning Center on the Russell Sage campus. In addition to books, the collection holds broadsides, prints, and correspondence. These items are housed in the Archives & Special Collections and notable items include:

2015.013: Carol Ann Donahue Memorial Poetry Collection
This collection mostly contains correspondence from 1965 to 1990 regarding the collection, including its beginnings, donations, acquisitions and endowments. It also contains historical information and agreements.

2013.004: Donahue Prints Collection
Prints and broadsides purchased for the Donahue Poetry Collection. These items were transferred to the Sage Colleges Archives & Special Collections in 2013. 

2015.012: Hare
This collection contains correspondence from poets. Many regarding their contributions to the Carol Ann Donahue Memorial Collection.

2013.001: Ian Hamilton Finlay Correspondence
This collection contains the correspondence of mid-twentieth century poet, Ian Hamilton Finaly with other avant-garde poets of the 1960s. The correspondence dates between 1960 and 1969, with the bulk dating from 1963 to 1967.

2015.027: Poets on Campus
Collection contains materials regarding poets' visits to Russell Sage College from 1924 to 2012. 

2013.010: Something Else Press Records
This collection features correspondence, poems, jottings, and worksheets that were collected for the 
anthology, An Anthology of Concrete Poetry edited by Emmett Williams, which was published by 
Something Else Press in 1967.

2013.003: Simon Cutts Papers
The Simon Cutts Papers contain poetry manuscripts and correspondence dating between 1966 and 1969.
Historic Clothing Collection
The Sage Colleges Archives and Special Collections has a rich collection of historic clothing. Items include t-shirts, class bazers and sweaters, graduation hoods, dance costumes, physical education uniforms and nurses uniforms. Please see the finding aid for more detailed information. 

 Click to download the finding aid to our Clothing Collection. 
Manuscript Collections
The following is a select list of manuscripts housed in the Archives & Special Collections:

2013.008Edith Leora Dennis RSC '34 Papers
This collection contains the papers of Edith Leora Dennis, a 1934 graduate of Russell Sage College. The collection mostly holds materials related to her time at RSC and includes copies of the Russell Sage College Bulletin, course syllabi, concert and theater programs, andcommencement programs. There are also items pertaining to her graduate education and career as college professor.

2014.002: Helen Tank RSC '32 Diary Transcriptions
This collection contains the transcription of the college diary of Helen Elizabeth "Betty" Tank, which dates from 1928 to 1932.

2014.009: Muriel June Dudley RSC '25 Correspondence
This collection contains the correspondence of Muriel June Dudley dating from 1921 to 1926. Detailed information about Dudley’s college years can be learned through the letters. The letters also give insight into the city of Troy in the 1920s from the eyes of a Russell Sage Muriel June Dudley Correspondence 2014.009 2 student.

2014.010: Virginia L. Radley Collection
The Virginia L. Radley collection contains items such as awards, photographs, books, regalia, and audio recordings. The materials in the collection date from about the 1930s to 1991 with the majority of items dating to the 1970s and 1980s when she was president of SUNY Oswego.

2014.014: Jane Washburn RSC '39 Collection
This collection contains items belonging to Jane Washburn, member of the Class of 1939. The collection includes the following: a gold graduation tassel; a strand of pearls; a plastic graduation cap; and a Russell Sage College compact with mirror.
Photograph Collection
Our Photograph Collection contains images of activities, events, people, and places associated with the Sage Colleges. It is a growing collection that is frequently updated.  In addition to photographs, it holds prints, negatives and other formats. The Archives staff maintains a subject heading guide, which is updated as new images are added to the collection. The Photograph Collection is a popular resource and a small portion of the collection is viewable via the New York Heritage website. 

 Click to download the finding aid to our Photograph Collection.
Publications such as course catalogs, student handbooks, student publications, and alumnis magazines are housed in the Archives. Notable items in the collection includes:

Faculty Publications
​Partial list of titles in the collection can be found here. Additional titles may be found by searching the Sage Colleges Libraries Catalog. 

Russell Sage College

Alumnae Quarterly
The Alumnae Quarterly was established in 1930 as the news magazine of the Russell Sage alumane. Today, the Russell Sage alumnae magazine is called Connections

Russell Sage Review
The Russell Sage Review is Russell Sage's literary magazine and its first issue was published in 1919. Published yearly, it holds a collection of students' poetry, short essays and art.

Sage Leaves Yearbook
The Sage Leaves yearbook is a representation of students' memories accumulated throughout their years at Russell Sage. The first volume was first published in 1921 and the Archives holds a complete set.

The Quill
The Quill is the Russell Sage student newspaper that reports campus news and events. The first issue was published in 1923 and continues to be published today.

Sage College of Albany

The Phoenix
The Phoenix was a student newspaper of the Sage Junior College of Albany, which was first published in 1975. The newspaper was last published in the early 2000s.

The Vernacular is the literary, art & design publication of the Sage College Albany. It is the oldest continuing tradition on campus and was first published in 1969. It is entirely organized, edited, designed, and published by SCA students. 
The Scrapbook Collection contains over 100 scrapbooks created by various students, alums, offices and departments of the Sage Colleges. The collection dates from about 1916 to 2004. The content varies but most feature photographs and clippings. The collection has been catalogued and can be found by searching the "Search the Sage Archives & Special Collections" box at the top of this guide or the Sage Libraries catalog

Please note: Access to some scrapbooks may be restricted due to fragility. Please contact the College Archivist for further information.
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New York Heritage Digital Collection

New York Heritage is a research portal for students, educators, historians, genealogists, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the people, places and institutions of New York State. The site provides free access to more than 170 distinct digital collections, totalling hundreds of thousands of items.

The Sage Colleges has a collection of historic photographs on the NYH website. Click here to view our collection.
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The Sage Archives & Special Collections is happy to accept donations of gifts that fit our collection policy. 

For more information or if you wish to make a donation, please contact the College Archivist.