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Ref Works Citation Manager
Getting Started/Logon Information
RefWorks is a citation manager that will help you store, organize and cite your resources. 

First Time Registration
Create your own RefWorks Account by connecting to
1) Click "create account" on the login screen, then enter your address in the box on the following screen. (This verifies you as a Sage student)

2) Then check the email, open the message from RefWorks and follow the link to the account set up screen
3) At the account set up screen -  answer a few questions and choose a password for your account

Download Helpful Tools
On RefWorks website, look under your name and click on "Tools" - see the other plugins (such MS Word or Google Docs)

Everyday Use
Logon to your account go to the Sage Libraries homepage - - Look under Research category for RefWorks link 
Begin to search in databases, find articles you want - save your information!

Save Citations and Articles From A Database
1. Export Into Ref Works - Click on EXPORT within the database you found the article in - this saves your citation to RefWorks and sits in the "All Documents" folder

2. Save PDF of Article Itself

*Need to download the actual article itself and not just the citation
* "Save As Option" and save to the desktop or other location you prefer
*Drag into Ref Works

Organize Content Within Your Ref Works
To Add New Folder

Click on the folder icon on the left side to "Add a collection." Name it as you wish (ex: Business folder for your Business Management articles)

To move your citations/articles into your folders:
One Way - 
Drag and drop by clicking the article citation and dragging into the folder of your choice. 

Second Way - 
1. Check the box next to the item in the main "All Documents" list
2. click the folder image on top of the task bar (not the left side), and then select the folder you have created to move your items to that folder.
(All of your citations/articles will also reside in the "All Documents" tab on the top left side, even when you sort them into folders)

In Text Citations Within Ref Works
1. Click on the quotes symbol ( " ) on the heading and select Quick Cite 
2. At new window, see options for Insert Citation and Citation Style 

3. Choose which articles you wish to cite 
4. Able to change citation style you wish to use. 
Creating Bibliography Of Citations
1. Click on items that you want inserted into a bibliography, either from "All Documents" or from your folders
2. Click on the quotation mark icon ( ' ) on the top task bar
3. Click on "Create Bibliography"

Microsoft Word Plug In and Features
If you use MS Word to write papers, there is a Ref Works feature in the ribbon called "Write-N-Cite" 
*Note - you must logon to the RefWorks tab in MS Word to use this feature  (you can get this plugin from the "Tool" menu mentioned above)

Google Docs
To import formatted in-text citations and bibliographies into a Google Docs document, first install the RefWorks plug-in.  (You can get this plugin from the "Tool" menu mentioned above)

Once you have installed the add-on, open the Google Docs "Add-on" menu to enter your RefWorks login, and a menu of your RefWorks sources will appear at right. Select the sources you would like to cite from the list as you type your paper.

Subject Specialist
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A Note Of Advice
It never hurts to double check your citations or if you need to know what your reference page needs to be formatted as:

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Citation managers are a fantastic tool but please remember you may need to spot check how things look. No citation manger is perfect. 
Troubleshooting Tips
Routinely updated with helpful tips and troubleshooting! Please send us any questions or let us know if something happens that is unclear. 
We can help and may post the tips here.

First - RefWorks has excellent tutorials on YouTube that may help you -

Other Thoughts:

1. When you import a PDF into RefWorks by dragging and dropping it into your account, or using the "+" icon, you may need to add tags yourself.
When you exporta a citation directly from a database into RefWorks using the "Export" feature, tags may already be there.
In either case, you can add, delete, or edit tags attached to citations in our RefWorks account.
2. EBSCO appears to work well with the "Export" button; ProQuest databases seems to have challenges with RefWorks integration.
3. Different browswers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozzilla) may show RefWorks interface a little differently. If you scroll over the icons of the side menu, it should indicate what the features are (such as "All Documents", "Folders," etc.) This guide was created with screenshots from Google Chrome.