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How to Find a Specific Article
If you have a citation for a specific journal or newspaper article, the library web site can help you quickly find the full-text of the article.  Here’s an example of an article, listed in both MLA and APA citation styles:

Method 1: Google Scholar
Using Google Scholar is a quick way to find out if the library has access to a specific article. PLEASE NOTE: You must use the Google Scholar link on the library homepage for this method to work properly.

From the library home page, click on the Google Scholar link beneath the Quick Search box.

Type or paste the  title of your article into the search box and click the search button. 

A list of search results will appear that match your search terms. If the library owns access to an article, to the right of the article citation there will be a link that says "Full-text @ Sage." You may also see a link to the article from another resource. Click one of the links to access the article.

 If an exact match for your article is not listed, double check that you have entered the article title exactly as it appears in your citation.  If your article does not appear at all when using Google Scholar, try one of the other retrieval methods below.
Method 2: Source Linker / Citation Linker
Citation Linker is especially helpful if you have the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for an article.

From the library home page,, click on "Source Linker" under the Quick Search box. You may be asked to log in to our web services using your Sage ID and password if you have not already done so.

Once you have logged in, enter the article citation information into the form.  Please note that you must enter one of the following:  journal title, DOI, ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) or PMID (PubMed Identification Number).  

Note: If an article exists in more than one database, you will be directed to the database that has been ranked as most reliable.

If there is an exact match, Citation Linker will bring you directly to the article record in the database in which it is housed, if available.  If the article is unavailable you will be redirected to an ILL request link page. Clink on the blue link to place an ILL request.

Complete the ILL request form and click "Submit Request."  Your article will arrive electronically, typically in 2-3 business days but sometimes longer.  You will recieve an email when it arrives. 

When you enter an article title AND journal name into Citation Linker, if there is an exact match you will be redirected to the record page of that article.  If there is no exact match, you will be redirected to the journal record page in the preferred database, where you can select the appropriate year, volume, issue and article. If there is no match to your journal/article query, you will be redirected to an ILL request link page. 

When searching only the journal name in Citation Linker, if there is more than one match for your search terms, you will be redirected to page where you will select the correct journal.  If there is only one match, you will be brought to the record page of the journal in the database in which it is housed.  From there you can select the desired year, volume and issue of the journal, after which you can select the desired article, if available.


Method 3: Browse by Journal
Click on the "Journals" tab on the library website,

Type the title of the journal (not the article) into the search box and hit the "search" button.  

If the journal is absent from the search results, then Sage does not have access to it. You will have to complete an ILL (interlibrary loan) request for the article.

If the journal is in the library's collection, you'll see the coverage we have. Under the journal's title, select the name of the database that includes the date of the article you need.  In some cases we may only have the article in print, or we will not have the specific journal issue you need, in which case you will need to place an article request via ILL.

When you click on the name of the database, you’ll see the journal’s record and the dates of coverage that are available in the selected database. The appearance of this page will vary based on the database used.  Look for the list of dates and select the year that matches the year in your article citation. Then select the appropriate date, volume and issue.

Example 1:

Example 2:

You’ll see a list of articles from that issue of the journal. You may click on the article title to access the article’s record (often this will include an abstract) or click directly on the “PDF Full Text” or “HTML Full Text” links. These will take you directly to the full-text of the article. 

Once you’ve opened the article, you may print a copy, save a copy to your H drive or flash drive, or e-mail a copy to yourself.

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